Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coffeeneuring #7: Coffeeshop Without Walls - Sunday, November 3rd

Michael W's wife Allison purchased a Chemex coffee maker for Michael's most recent birthday.   With the two of them having an infant at home, getting out for coffeeneuring can be a challenge.  So Michael invited a small group of us over to his home for a "Without Walls" coffeeneuring adventure!

I rode my bike over to Beaverton with the intent to take the MAX over the hill and meet Bill in town for the ride to Michael's.   The trees are still a riot of color.

On the way to Beaverton

Upon getting to Beaverton, I realized that I was early.  Very very early.  As in spring-ahead-fall-behind kind of early.  Yup, the clocks had changed and I was an hour ahead of time.

What else to do but have a pre-coffee coffee?!  I popped into Edge Coffee and had a latte while I killed time.

Showing off my LEL vest.

Edge gets it.
 Eventually I met Bill & we rode over to Micheal's house.  Micheal explained to us his process for roasting beans with a popcorn popper!

Green beans
The secret roasting equipment

Birthday Chemex

Bikes and coffee.  Photo courtesy of Bill Alsup.
The family is gluten free and Allison has a keen interest in gluten free baking.  I brought over some gluten free banana muffins I'd made the night before, and we had a long conversation about the keys to GF baked goods.

And of course, we spent a fair bit of time admiring the newest member of the family, Miss Marjorie!

Someone finally woke up!

Photo courtesy of Bill Alsup

Roundtrip miles for the day: 20.8

Total coffee mile for the challenge: 296.1

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