Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Stolen from NW 22nd & Overton today at ~3:00.

Specialized Hardrock.  90s Steel MTB, with yellow decals and green Oury grips.

Bike was attached to a blue Soup Cycle Trailer.

Soup Cycle employees use their own bikes and tools while pulling the trailers, so while the trailer may be covered by insurance, the bike is not.  Losing her work bike, tools and personal items (her waterproof goretex jacket, gloves, pump, etc.) is a huge loss for someone who makes their living cycling.

Please, keep your eyes out for the bike, and if you have any information, please contact me, or Asta Chastain at her first name dot last name at gmail dot com.  A police report has been filed, so you can also contact Portland Police if you see someone riding around on it. 

THANKS for keeping your eyes peeled.