Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coffeeneuring # 3: Double Dip - Saturday, October 12th

Just because the rules say only one coffee shop per days doesn't one has to LIMIT oneself to just one per day...

Bill had been raving about Maplewood Coffee and Tea since last year's coffeeneuring adventures.   Seemed about time I made it over there!

I left my house at 8:50 for the 9 mile ride over to Bill's place.   After a tour of his back yard/future pump track, we headed off (and up) to Maplewood.  The coffeehouse is in the middle of a residential neighborhood, in a converted house.  Very cozy and homey.

Sweeetpea will have to wait outside

Documenting the documentation

We staked out a window seat and ordered lattes.  Asta turned up and we passed an hour in good company.

Lattes by the pint!

Bill & Asta
Asta & Me.  Photo courtesy of Bill Alsup.

This little cutie showed up on a Skuut, accompanied by his Mom, a playmate, and playmate's VERY preggers Mom.

Rather than head home, we decided to detour to the Beaverton Farmer's Market for some drinks at Pony Espresso.   Bill led the way, taking us on a pretty route that included neighborhood tree viewing, some lovely bike trails, and a rando-portage over the railroad tracks near his office!

Doesn't everyone cross the tracks for coffeeneuring??

Well worn footpath shows we aren't the first to come this way...

Bill knows everyone, including the proprietor of the Pony Espresso.  We ordered the recommended Revelry drinks (mocha with double-dark chocolate and an extra shot of espresso!), while Bill admired the proprietor's refurbished bike.

We also browsed the market, shopping for produce.  Bought the world's largest apple, weighing in over a pound.  Enough to feed a family of four for a week.

World's largest apple

Fresh ginger.  YUM!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Afterwards, we parted ways.  Asta & I rode over to the MAX train, headed in opposite directions.    By the time I rode from the MAX, I'd accumulated 23.3 miles and a heckuva caffeine buzz.

Bill's excellent coffeeneuring Flickr set is here:

My Strava route files for the day:

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