Monday, May 30, 2011

Speak Up

It's easy to complain or grumble when something or someone makes us unhappy. Usually we bitch to a friend, complain to a spouse, or dash off a comment at the end of a news story or blog post. Poor service, high taxes, rude waitresses... whatever.

But change doesn't happen unless we speak up AND speak up to the right people. When we feel strongly about something, we need to make our opinions heard. Politicians are elected to represent *us*, so when they hear from a lot of constituents on a particular issue, they tend to pay attention. They want votes, after all, so make your voice heard, else you have no right to complain later when a politician doesn't vote your way.

This week I sent a letter to Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willey, after he suggested that bicyclists do not pay their fair share of the cost to construct and maintain our roadways. The letter was subsequently published by The Bicycle Transportation Alliance on the BTA's blog. You can read it here:

Have an opinion on something? Take 5 minutes and write a letter. You'll be glad you did!