Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rest in Peace, John

Image via Twitter feed of Martyn Bolt

The rider who was struck on LEL in 2013 died from his injuries this month. I've thought of him often since last year; about the risks we take during long randonneuring events and how much our fates are determined less by our own actions and so very much more by the faith we place in motorists to have our interests in mind when they pass, hopefully with care and not with malice, disdain or indifference.
I accept those risks. I do everything I can to mitigate them (lights, reflective, mirror, route choice, etc.) but I know that in the end, none of those things will make a damn bit of difference if its my turn to get creamed by a careless, drunk or malicious motorist.
I know some people who have chosen not to ride anymore, or who've switched away from road riding because of these risks. And I can respect that choice absolutely. But for *me*, the very best way I can honor the lives and memories of those who have been lost is to keep riding. To not let the fear win out over the joy.
Rest in peace, John.