Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coffeeneuring #8 11-11-12

Wow, how quickly 6 weeks pass by.

For our final coffeeneuring trip, Lynne & I planned to meet at Chatterbox Coffee on Baseline.   I haven't been there in a couple of years, and it's changed hands (and names) in the interim.  Seemed like it was time for another visit.

I'd been up fairly late the night before decorating a birthday cake, so I was glad the ride was just 8 miles round trip.  As it was the only exercise I was going to get this weekend, I was pretty sure I wouldn't burn off enough calories to cover the coffee, much less the cake to be consumed later in the day!   When I arrived, I found Lynne, her husband Fitz, and Jeff A already inside.

Chatterbox.  The gang's all here!

Lynne & Fitz.  (Jeff A not pictured)

Lynne & Mexi-Mocha.

Lots of choices!

Latte.  Passable coffee, lousy photo.
 We passed a very pleasant hour chatting.    Lynne's write-up of the day (and a group photo) can be found here.

Many many thanks to Mary Gersema of Chasing Mailboxes  for inspiring us to complete our coffeeneuring journey.  Looking forward to 2013!

Chatterbox Cafe
Vanilla Latte
8 miles
With Lynne, Fitz & Jeff A!

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