Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coffeeneuring #5 11-03-2012

November 3rd marked the umpteenth annual running of the Verboort Sausage Populaire run by the Oregon Randonneurs.    While I can't get Jeff to come out on a 200K with me, a populaire with sausage involved is right up his alley.     Of course, we *also* wanted to do our 5th coffeeneuring adventure, so we hatched a plan.

1) Ride 15 miles to Maggies Buns in Forest Grove for coffee and breakfast.
2)  Ride 3 miles from Maggies Buns to Verboort, the location of the populaire.
3) Ride the populaire.
4) Ride the 15 miles home!

With the populaire starting at 9:00, we did the math and realized we'd need to leave our house at 6:45 to get to Maggie's between 7:45 and 8:00.   It was still fairly dark when we left (clocks hadn't changed yet) and Jeff doesn't have much in the way of lighting, but the roads were fairly quiet and soon enough thre was enough light to navigate by.   We arrived at Maggie's at 7:55 and set about ordering food & coffee.

Maggie's Buns
Jeff.  Get that boy some coffee!
Maggie's is notoriously slow, so while we waited for our coffee and food, I entertained myself by photographing the eclectic mix of salt & pepper shakers.  Clearly, creepy owls are in.

Creepy owls.
Soon enough, Lynne & Bill arrived.   Bill ordered coffee, while Lynne ordered coffee and a cinnamon roll the size of Manhattan (Maggie's specialty!)

Jeff & Bill

Lynne & a cinnamon roll bigger than her head.  

My food arrived shortly thereafter, and I proceeded to tuck in to a very passable bagel sandwich.  Everything is better with bacon, of course!

Plenty of bacon!
Latte & creepy owls.

 Soon enough it was time to  head out for the three mile ride to the populaire!  We were well fueled for the ride!  :-)

The details:
Maggie's Buns
Vanilla Latte
15 miles (30 r/t)
With Lynne, Jeff & Bill!

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