Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ironman Training Day 9: Portland Marathon

I volunteered at the Portland Marathon today! I joined the Red Lizard Running Club at their aid station at mile 24. When I arrived at 12:30, the folks passing though the aid station were at 5hr30min. When I left at 2:15, the participants were at 7hr15min. Most were walkers at that point, and many were really hurting. I was very impressed by their perseverance and did my best to cheer them on and letting them know they were rockstars to me. Having never done a marathon myself, I can hardly imagine how tired they must have been as they grabbed some water, electrolytes and gummy bears from the Red Lizards. I hope I helped make their experience just a little better.

Congratulations to all the participants today! You are amazing!

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