Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ironman Training Day 8: Bike, Yoga, Weeds

Saturday October 8th.

Busy Day! 8am cycling class. Today's focus was on cadence work at tempo wattage (high zone 2, low zone 3). Specifically, we did cadence ladders while attempting to maintain the same wattage throughout the ladder.

0:30 at 90 rpm
0:30 at 80 rpm
1:30 at 95 rpm
0:30 at 80 rpm
2:30 at 100 rpm
0:30 at 80 rpm
3:30 at 105 rpm
0:30 at 80 rpm

We did 3 10 minute sets of the above ladder, with 5 minutes Zone 1 recovery in between each ladder. I did pretty well on the first 2, but started to get fatigued on the 3rd.

The blue highlighted areas are the 3 10-minute work sets. The cadence is in yellow, where you can clearly see the rpm step up throughout each set. The pink line is the wattage #. The first 2 sets look good, but on the 3rd, I can see where I was having a hard time maintaining power, especially towards the end. Finally, the red line is my heart rate. It really increases alot as the cadence goes up. I struggle at the higher cadences (though I'm getting much better) and my HR really goes up alot. I hope to see some improvement in that as the winter progresses.

After class, I stayed for a one hour yoga session. The instructor is a cyclist, so she's familiar with the imbalances we have. I let her know that I was a yoga novice and encouraged her to guide me as much as she felt necessary. As the class progressed, it was clear I have alot of work to do on my core and upper body strength!

I spent three hours in the afternoon pulling weeds at my rental house. To say that my arms and neck are sore today would be an understatement!

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