Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coffeeneuring # 1 - Jim & Patty's Coffee - Saturday, October 5th

Lynne has been raving about Jim & Patty's Coffee ever since they re-opened in in June.  Seemed like it was time for a visit.

I rode over to Jim & Patty's prior to the ORRando Scavenger Hunt 200K.   Lots of randos were around early, getting coffee and socializing.
Narayan, enjoying his morning java.

Bill, uber-coffeeneur

It's a cute little shop, in the same location they were in Umpteen Million Years Ago when they started Coffee People.   Despite all the years that have passed and tenants that have occupied the space, the original murals still grace the walls.

A quick review of the menu revealed the calorie bomb known as a Chocolate Peanut Butter Mocha.  OK, sign me up!

Absolutely yummy.  Good thing there was a brevet planned that day, because the 2.7 mile ride to the coffee shop definitely did not earn me that many calories...

Post script:  Pretty sure that mocha carried me at least 100K on the day's brevet!   We were graced by amazing weather; sunshine and clear blue skies.  A few photos:

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