Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coffeeneuring #3

#3 - Saturday, October 20th @ Sesame Donuts

My birthday is October 23rd.  This year it fell on a Tuesday.  Tuesday birthdays are, quite simply, no fun.  I prefer to spend time with friends and bikes on my birthday (as opposed to spending the day inside working), preferably with friends who RIDE bikes and want to ride a stupid number of miles with me on my birthday.

And so it was that I suckered not one, not two, but THREE rando friends into not one, but TWO back-to-back 200K permanents the weekend of my birthday.  However, this presented a conundrum.  How to work in at least one coffeeneuring jaunt into the weekend, to stay on track with doing 7 coffeeneuring excursions over 6 weeks?   Emails were exchanged, rules were checked, and it was finally determined that we could coffeeneur *before* our first 200K perm.

And so, Sesame Donuts became our coffeeneuring destination.   I've passed by this shop any number of times, but had never stopped in .  The combo of "sesame" and "donuts" always seemed odd to me.   Nonetheless, I was assured that while the coffee was simply OK, the donuts were excellent.

So, Saturday morning, I arose at oh-dark-thirty for the 11.9 mile ride to Sesame.   I arrived shortly after 7am, to find Theo hanging around outside.  I scanned the amazing array of donuts and ordered the namesake sesame donut (I'll try anything once), a pumpkin spice donut (in case the sesame was a total bust) and a vanilla latte.   The proprietors asked me where we were headed, and a conversation ensued about how we were planning to ride 125 miles to Eugene to celebrate my birthday.    Before I knew it, they were singing happy birthday and presenting me with a birthday maple bar!  Wow!

Sesame donut (not bad) and pumpkin spice donut (kickass  yummy!)

Birthday mini-maple bar

Soon enough, Asta, Bill & Lynne turned up, and now our part was up to 5!   As per usual, we sat around gabbing about all things bikes, as well as the upcoming back to back 200Ks.

Bikes outside, randos inside.

Lynne & Asta

Me, the birthday girl!
After 45 minutes or so of chattering, we decided it was time to set off on the 200K to Eugene aka Donuts to Total Domination.    Asta got an ice cream cone to go (yes, really) and off we went!

Coffeeneuring: what a wonderful way to start the day!

The details:
Sesame Donuts
Vanilla Latte
11.9 miles
with Theo, Asta, Lynne & Bill.

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