Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ironman Training Days 17-19: Stick a fork in me

Monday, Day 17

After Sunday's long run, and only 5 hours sleep, I wasn't expecting to have a great cycling class on Monday morning. Despite my low expectations, however, I had an *amazing* class and hit all the target numbers. Who woulda thunk.

This workout was all about building power in Zone 4 (105-120% of Threshold Power). We did low cadence (60-70rpm) climbing intervals, spending ~30 minutes of the hourlong workout in zone 4. We finished the class with 4 shorter (30-60 second) intervals at Zone 5 or higher efforts. Our final effort was an all-out 30 seconds. I averaged 381 watts for that last one with a max of 462 watts. Whew. Stick a fork in me, cuz I'm done.

Tuesday, Day 18

Jeff & I stayed up late on Monday night making HOMEMADE Pumpkin-Sage Ravioli. The results were fantastic. But another late night, after more than a week without a rest day, meant that I made the decision to blow off the morning's swim and take a rest day instead. Good call.

Wednesday Day 19

I got nearly NINE hours sleep last night. Pure HEAVEN. Of course, that meant I was sound asleep by 8:30pm. Late night party animal I ain't.

Had another great class at C-Velo this morning. We rode with Robbie Ventura again, which is always fun (I could look at that man's legs all day). We spent the class working mostly in zones 3 and 4, following along as Robbie pacelined with his team (low zone 3 in the draft, high zone 3/low zone 4 when pulling), simulated bridging gaps to chase down race leaders, etc. It was a fast paced, constantly changing class that kept us on our toes.

I'm getting to know some of the folks in class a bit (it's always the same crew). One of the other gals is in her 60s. She's very inspirational: runner, triathlete, and in the kind of shape I'd like to be in "when I grow up." We're both signed up for the Pacific Crest Half Ironman in June, so it will be fun to compare training notes with her as the season progresses!

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