Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ironman Training Day 5: Riding with Robbie

Robbie Ventura, that is.

This morning's cycling class featured hill climbing intervals. Low cadences (55-60rpm) at threshold or higher (180-200watts). Our coach, Rick, has installed an excellent projection/sound system at the studio. Today we utilized a Robbie Ventura RealRides video for motivation. These videos have some definite pros and cons.

Pro: Beautiful scenery to look at
Con: Robbie can talk in full sentences at 400 watts, making *my* power #s looks totally puny
Pro: Robbie's beautiful legs to look at
Con: It's always sunny in the videos, which makes me jealous of those Californians
Pro: Did I mention Robbie's beautiful legs?

We did 4 big hill intervals of 11, 9, 5 & 4 minutes. Hard work! I was absolutely soaked by the end of the class. But my legs felt great. Very fresh. I think my month of rest did me a lot of good.

Left knee: mostly OK until the end of the 3rd interval. I opted to do the last (4th) one at 70-80rpm to avoid overtaxing it.

Today's motivation:

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